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Swing Component Sample
Are you in need of a desktop application or rich internet connected client that looks and performs like a native application? Are you looking for a highly stylized or branded look for your application? How about complex custom widgets? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place. There is no reason for your application to lag behind products from Microsoft or Apple in terms of appearance or usability.

Ikayzo's JavaUI group specializes in creating attractive, high performance Java desktop and rich client applications using Swing and SWT. We were working on complex Java UIs since long before Swing was invented. Let us help you differentiate your product with a great new look, cutting edge features, and superb usability.
Desktop Applications
Stone Look and Feel sample Make your next Java desktop application look and feel better than a native application. In addition to high quality antialiased rendering and pluggable look and feels, your application can integrate seamlessly with your user's desktop environment. Desktop integration features include drag and drop functionality to/from the desktop and other applications, system tray integration, browser integration/embedding, and advanced windowing features. If you can dream it, we can build it.
Web Start Applications
Web Start Image Web Start is an exciting new technology from Sun that enables fully functional desktop applications to be easily delivered over the internet. Once Web Start is installed, users can launch applications simply by clicking on a link in their browser.

The JavaUI group can build a rich internet connected Web Start client for your enterprise application, or use WebStart to give your stand-alone application auto-update capabilities. Web Start applications are not applets. They are fully functional desktop applications and more. Web Start technology opens up new doors in the rich client space.
Update: We are currently hiring Swing programmers in our Hawaii office. See our Jobs section for details.

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